1 June 2018

  1. Correct uniforms shall consist of uniform colour shorts, base colour (or coloured panels) of singlets and numbers (piping is not considered part of the uniform). Players wearing shorts of the style known as “bicycle shorts” are deemed to be out of uniform. For safety reasons, pockets are not permitted in shorts and no protruding jewelry may be worn. Hair is not permitted to be worn in plaits.Natural, Acrylic andGel nails are deemed a suitable length as long as they cannot be felt or seen over the top of the finger and that they are rounded and not sharp in any way. If the referee deems the nails to be too long, the player will not be allowed on court unless the nails are cut or taped. This is the decision of the referee and their decision is final.
  2. Numbers 0-68 and 70-99 are permitted for all junior competitions.
  • The penalty for incorrect uniform shall be the awarding of two (2) game points to the opposing team for each player taking the court in incorrect uniform with a maximum of ten points.FOR GRADING GAMES ONLY, R1-6,there is NO PENALTY to be applied when a (00) singlet is worn by a player waiting for a new uniform.
  1. A club shall apply (to the Competition Committee) for registration of the colour and design of its uniform. The Committee shall draw up a list of clubs where the uniform registered indicates a clash of colour between two or more clubs. Refer List at Venues.
  2. When teams from two clubs with the same or similar colours meet in a game, the “home” team shall be obliged to change to alternative coloured singlet’s or tops. The “home” team shall be the first named team on the fixture and score sheet. If the “home” team refuses to change to an alternative colour – see Rule Uniforms(VI).
  3. When two teams of the same club meet in a game, (e.g.: AB1 v AB2) it is the club’s responsibility to provide another colour uniform for one of the teams. Failing this, the first named team on the fixture and score sheet shall be deemed to be the “home” team and shall change to alternative colored singlet’s or tops.
  • Where a team is required to change to an alternative colour under (IV) or (V), and refuses to do so, that team will forfeit the game 10-nil. The premiership points in such cases will be three points to nil.