Winter 2022 Training Timetable.

At the start of each season each team will be allocated a training time at the Donvale Christian College gym. Please note that occasionally the gym is unavailable for Dunkers to use due to College events. You will however, be alerted in advance of any changes to training. Keep an eye on your email or app for messages from your Team Manager or Coach prior to each training session to ensure training times have not changed (you can assume that if there was no message, training will run as scheduled).


We now have 2 full sized courts but will still required junior teams to share half courts for training.

Senior teams (U16, U18 and MENS) will be given full courts when available.

Training Schedule

3:30-4:30COURT 1L. Bearup GU10 DD1
C. Brown U10 DD3
K. Thorpe GU10 DD2
COURT 2J. Phu U10 DD1
J. MacCartney GU12 DD1
4:30-5:30COURT 1A. Smith U8 DD1M.Churchward U10 DD3
S. Ringwaldt U8 DD2
COURT 2A. Price U16 DD2
& U16 DD3
full court
5:30-6:30COURT 1G. Fulton BU14 DD3L. Xu U16 DD5
A. Nyholm U14 DD2
COURT 2G. Strong GU16 DD1
R. Spottiswood U12 DD1
6:30-7:30COURT 1B. Halls GU14 DD1
A. Lee U14 DD1
C. Norman U12 DD2
M. da Gama U12 DD3
COURT 2P. Michael GU14 DD2D. Templeton U16 DD3
full court
7:30-8:30COURT 1P. Silk U16 DD1
full court
COURT 2B. Halls U18 DD1
full court
8:30-9:30COURT 1