Winter 2024 Training Timetable.

At the start of each season each team will be allocated a training time at the Donvale Christian College gym. These times are chosen by our volunteer coaches.

Dunkers have access to DCC’s gym on Monday and Tuesday after school.

No food or drink is permitted in the gym (water bottles acceptable)

We now have 2 full sized courts but will still required junior teams to share half courts for training.

Senior teams (U16, U18 and MENS) will be given full courts when available.

Training Schedule

3:30-4:30COURT 1Anthony Spykers/William Xu BU10 DD2M.Khoo BU12 DD4
S. Wong MU8 DD1J. Shields BU12 DD5
COURT 2M Churchward BU12 DD1G.Strong GU18 DD1 
M. Servaas / J. Phu BU12 DD2S. Ringwaldt BU14 DD5
4:30-5:30COURT 1J. MacCartney GU14 DD1C. Norman BU14 DD2
J. Russ MU8 DD2R. Paiva BU14 DD3
COURT 2D. Chapman BU18 DD1C. Susetio / A. Tan BU10 DD5
M Churchward BU16 DD3A. Teh BU10 DD4
5:30-6:30COURT 1T. Brosnan BU14 DD4N. Chuy BU12 DD3
S. Kwok BU16 DD5
COURT 2A. Becker BU10 DD3A. Smith BU10 DD1
S. Leyte GU12 DD2J. Smith GU12 DD1
6:30-7:30COURT 1B. Halls GU16 DD1S. Yarnall BU18 DD2
P. Michael GU16 DD2 D. Templeton BU18 DD3
COURT 2R. Van der Zaag BU16 DD1
R. Spottiswood BU14 DD1
7:30-8:30COURT 1C. Lui BU16 DD2
COURT 2D. Baldwin BU16 DD4
8:30-9:30COURT 1