Team Managers.

It’s a rewarding role and as Team Manager you can stick to the basics or increase your involvement through coordinating social events or supporting the coaching activities.  Work this out with the other parents on the team and you will be a vital part of keeping the team running smoothly.  The role of Team Manager is not a burdensome one so for those of you keen to contribute but time poor this could be a great option.

This page and the resources below will help you get started and continue to flourish in the role of Team Manager!

How to contact your teams
What you need to send your team prior to a game
How to work out payment for team sheets and coaches gift
Basketball sizes
What to do at the venue on Saturdays – payment and scoresheets
What to do with singlet clashes

Important Tip for Scorers:

MEBA has provided guidelines on their website as to the use of the electronic scoring system at Nunawading Stadium:

We request that scorers stay until the scores are confirmed by the referee to ensure any discrepancies can be remedied with both scorers and the referee still present and memories are fresh.