The Ringwood referee branch just opened applications to the new referee school.

The application can be found @ the Ringwood hawks website ( under the referee tab.

Become a referee!

All applicants will be required to attend the group interview at 3pm – 5pm on Sunday 24th September at The Rings Stadium to choose participants for this referee school.

If accepted, you also need to attend the following theory sessions while also running on court at least once per week with a mentor:

Session 1: 7-9pm Sunday 8th October
Session 2: 7-9pm Sunday 15th October
Session 3: 7-9pm Sunday 22nd October
Session 4: 7-9pm Sunday 29th October

If you have any questions, please remember to check out our FAQ: Becoming A Referee Here.

Applications close September 24th prior to the Group Interview.

School cost is $110 (subject to change)

Includes whistle and trainee shirt.

Hi all,

We thank you for your patience as we trial a new registration process.  We are working around the clock to make this as easy as possible and have extended the registration date to this Sunday for those that have had some difficulty completing all 3 steps:

  1. Pay your season membership – this covers registration, team sheets (team managers pay this during the season) and coach gift;
  2. Purchase a new singlet (we have a new uniform) (currently on special);
  3. Register each of your players (you need to login using the details you provided when you pay the season pass).

Please let us know if you have any difficulties with this process, we are here to help!



Some answers to questions that have been asked recently

  1. Do I have to complete all steps to register?
    1. Yes. You need to “walk” through the steps – “pay for your season membership” – “order your new singlet” – & “register your player” in order for your registration to be processed.  If you don’t pay for a season pass then log in, you won’t be able to access the last step.
  2. Have your fees changed?
    1. Yes and No. Yes the way that we’ve structured our fees have changed but the overall cost hasn’t. What we’ve done is combined the registration fees with the team sheet and coaches gift (which was previously paid direct to the team manager). We felt this would help reduce the pressure on team mangers in dealing with $$ and having to chase parents for payments. Team managers will now be given these funds into their nominated bank account before the start of the season.
    2. It is worth noting that we have removed the 1st time player “free” option. As it costs the Club for every player that plays at Dunkers, we felt it only fair to charge all players.
  3. Are the uniforms optional?
    1. No. The change to the singlets have been made to make it easier all round and as a result ALL players (whether current or new) need to purchase the heavily discounted (for this season only) reversible singlets. Now ONLY $30, after this season $60
    2. The shorts remain the same
  4. Are the uniform sizes the same?
    1. No. We have changed our supplier and therefore the sizing has changed. Visit and find the NEW SIZING CHART FOR VORTEX HERE link for all the information about how to choose a size.
  5. What do I do with my old Dunkers singlet?
    1. What a great question! We think it would make an awesome training top 🙂
  6. I have a question
    1. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll help you 🙂
    2. This is all new for us too and we’re doing the best we can to help make this process easier for everyone. Let us know if something doesn’t work well for you and we’ll get it fixed:)

Hi all,

We have now opened registrations for Summer 17/18 and we have tried to streamline the process as much as possible.  As this is our first attempt online, please bear with us as we tweak it to make it as simple as possible.

Register in 4 steps.  You can read all about it here!

Probably the hardest step is Step3, getting your players registered.  We are working on that!

It’s been a long time coming but we finally have a new logo and we are super excited.

This means we will need new uniforms so we took the opportunity to make the new singlets reversible so that we no longer needed to worry about whether teams had remembered to bring along clash tops 🙂