New video! Setting up a Dunkers team on Teamstuff step by step

Hi all, Last season it was all about getting started on TeamStuff – but if you are already set up, what’s the fastest way to get a new team up and running?  Watch this 5 minute guide to learn how 🙂

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Winter Registrations Now Closed

Hi all, Thank you for getting your memberships organised so quickly!  We will be advising of teams shortly and look forward to seeing you all in the Winter Season.  For Season dates please visit the home page. Have a great Easter and good luck to all those teams playing finals.

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New rules summer 2017/18

Just a quick note to let you all know of some rule changes that have been released recently and are effective now. Please make sure you help your players understand the new rules so that they’re not disadvantaged come game day. FILL IN PLAYERS  If you require a stand in/fill in for a Saturday game you need […]

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TeamStuff Tips and Tricks

Training Timetable Available


Team Manager Guidelines Update

Hi Team Managers

Please note that the guidelines have been updated, and can be accessed here: For Team Managers

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Teams now available