U18 Volunteers

Dunkers encourages players who take an interest in coaching to start taking steps towards coaching a team of their own. We have a couple of pathways to help players get to the point where they’re capable of coaching confidently.

JUNIOR COACH – An U18 Coach having completed necessary steps to train a team of their own under the supervision of an adult. Must be 15 and in Year 9 at a minimum.

FUTURE DUNKERS ASSISTANT COACH – An U18 player assisting with a well planned prep – grade 2 beginner program who is perhaps looking to take on a team of their own in the future. Must be  in Year 8 at a minimum.

SKILLS TRAINER – Assists a Dunkers Coach in coaching, including session planning, demonstrating skills, encouraging and assisting players in drills. Must be in Year 8 at a minimum. 

**All U18 volunteers must get permission from the club before registering as a coach on PlayHQ, or starting to help in any capacity. This will help ensure that we are meeting our legal obligations with our governing bodies.


The steps below need to be completed well before the start of each season. Your Age Group Coordinator will be in touch requesting the information 🙂

Step 1 – Child Safety Training

All Volunteers are required as part of their training and induction to participate in child safety training.

Please watch this video all the way through.

For further information on Dunkers commitment to Child Safety please click here

Step 2 – Register at PlayHQ

Each season PlayHQ requires every Coach to register their role for child safety purposes. The link below takes you to PlayHQ, select “Register/Select/Get Started”  Make sure you Register as a Coach not player this time.

Click HERE to register now

*Please leave the Working with Children’s card blank as it’s not expected that U18 have a WWCC.

Step 3 – Members Protection Declaration Form

This form must be completed by every volunteer every 2 1/2 years.

Please print the form and have it notarised. Member Protection Declaration

Then upload the form HERE

Step 4 – Confirmation of your Details

Please complete ALL fields below

Please select a size

Step 5 – U18 Volunteer Forms

Click on  the appropriate link below for the necessary information and forms required before becoming a Skills Trainer, Junior Coach or Future Dunkers Coach.

Print forms and fill them in before emailing them to the club.

Step 6 – Email your Age Group Coordinator

Email your Age Group Coordinator with the following information

  • Completed Volunteer Forms

U8, U10 & U12 teams – Kellie Servaas – [email protected]

U14, U16 & U18 teams – Megan Templeton – [email protected]