MEBA Junior Domestic ByLaws

  1. If a team does not field a minimum of four players within a period of ten minutes following the scheduled time of commencement as shown on the fixture, then the game shall be deemed a walkover. In addition games for U/8’s to U/18-23’s must have a responsible adult present on the bench. The game shall be awarded to the opposing team, if in attendance within the required time or if they have been notified previously by the Competition Administrator that their attendance is not required. The score will be recorded as a win for the non-absent team by a score of ten points to nil. The premiership points in such case will be three points to nil.
  1. If both teams fail to appear with a minimum of four players within a period of ten minutes following the scheduled starting time, the game shall be recorded as nil all and no premiership points will be awarded to either team.
  2. Except where there is an official timekeeper, it is the responsibility and decision of the officiating referee to determine when the period of 10 minutes following the scheduled starting time is reached.
  3. For each full minute beyond the scheduled starting time that the game is delayed by any team not being present (with a minimum of four players ready to play), the opposing team while in attendance shall be credited with one game point to a maximum of 10 points. After 10 minutes have elapsed, Rule Walkovers and Late Starts (i) takes effect.
  1. For each walkover given a team shall be liable to pay to the Committee an amount deemed to be appropriate reimbursement for expenses incurred by the giving of the walkover. (Such amount, as determined by the Committee prior to the beginning of each season, to be called a “walkover fee”.) Teams who do not notify the Competition Administrator at least three (3) hours prior to the scheduled start time of their game will be charged an un-notified walkover fine which will be 50% more than the normal walkover fee. In the case where a team shows up with less than four (4) players and are unable to field a team this will be deemed an un-notified walkover and will be charged as such (this does not include Forfeits where the team play an ineligible player to avoid a walkover. Any team which gives two or more walkovers during a season may be disqualified from the competition.

N.B. A walkover given for a finals game will be charged at double the normal rate.

  1. With regard to eligibility for finals, a team receiving a walkover shall be given the same game points as for a BYE [Rule Premiership Points (IV)], players qualify as per Rule Finals Series (ii). A team giving a walkover shall receive zero game points and players shall not be credited with a game.

Walkovers incur a fine of $100 whether notified or not.

Tips for avoiding a walkover:Results
1. Get fill in players from the age group below your own. Refer to the Grid Guide in Policy’s for fill in eligibility grid.·      Competition points stands
2. Get a friend who does not play in our competition (MEBA) to fill in.·      Competition points stands
If you have exhausted your options and need to give a walkover, please contact [email protected] or your Team Manager will have their mobile number·      Forfeit 0-10

·      No points

**Notify Walkovers at least the day prior to the scheduled game

It is important to notify walkovers to respect and to allow the other team time to be told not to show up. The new TeamMO app allows us to alert the other team immediately but there’s been glitches with this system in the past and we’ve had to find other methods to alert the other team and also the venue.