If you are the PARENTS or PLAYERS





1.    如果你是新队员,最简单的方法就是等你的教练或团队经理发你电子邮件邀请你进入Teamstuff。请Click on the link in the email and we’ll guide you through the process of creating your account, and at the same time being part of the team.点击电子邮件中的链接并跟从引导,完成创建帐户。

2.    如果你已经是 Teamstuff 用户, 最简单的方法是登录您的teamstuff APP。当您的教练或团队经团理用您的电子邮件地址邀请您时,Teamstuff会通知你并添加你到你的新团队。

3.    最后一种方式进入团队Teamstuff是通过特殊的网址 (URL)。您的团队 可能已经创建了一个特殊的网址。如果你使用这个 地址, Teamstuff will join you up to the team as per normal – and you can create your account or use existing as you join. Teamstuff 将按照正常 情况 将您加入团队 – 您可以在加入时创建帐户或使用现有帐户。

创建了一个 Teamstuff 帐户……


在继续之前,您需要确保已经验证了自己的电子邮件地址 和帐户。 Check your Inbox for an email from us titled ” Please verify your email address “. 检查收件箱中是否有来自Teamstuff的电子邮件,标题为“ 请验证您的电子邮件地址 。 You’ll find a link in there to click which will verify that your email is valid and you didn’t accidentally mis -type it when creating your account.

Now that you’ve verified you’re account, you’ll want to know your role within Teamstuff and of some key features that can aid you;You’ll be a team member, but not managing the team, and you’ll be; 你是家长或球员,你可以:

·    Joining a team 加入团队- via an email sent from your team coach or manager. 通过您的团队教练或团队经理发送的电子邮件。

·    You’ll want to be alerted about upcoming events 收到 有关比赛和培训时间和地点收到提醒

·    Know when and where an event is occurring Letting team admins know if you’re able to attend or not by setting your attendance通过设置您的出勤率,让团队管理员知道您是否能够参加

·    Carry out duties you’ve either been assigned to or volunteered for 开展你被分配的职责Upgrading your account to PRO for enhanced content and a better experience