Before you select a fill-in player you must consider the following –

  1. The playing age of the player
    • If Winter Season that player needs to be under the age prior to 31 December in the year prior
    • If Summer Season the player needs to be under the age prior to 30 June in the year of the current season
  2. Player’s current team
    1. If they play in no team the player can fill in 3 times before needing to officially register on PlayHQ to ensure they are insured to play
    2. If they play for another MEBA team they cannot fill-in
    3. If the play for another team in a different association they can fill in
  3. Player’s team grade
    1. The chart below shows the Age Group and Grade in the first column for the FILL IN PLAYER. You then scroll across to the Age grade that the fill-in player plays in to see in they are edible.
      • For example. John Smith is 14 and plays in U16 D.
      • Can he fill in for U18B?    Yes
      • Can he fill in for U16D? No