By now most of you have set up your teams and have come across some interesting features.  Take the time to browse the app and you will find it is very powerful.
There are some limitations as with any application but there are usually workarounds.
Please note that some tips can only be viewed if you have signed in.

How do I know if the team members have joined up? On the App, click on the menu bar, select the team you want from the TEAMS section and then the 3 people icon at the top of the screen.  You’ll see all the players that you have invited and which are Active (Blue) vs no response (Waiting…player hasn’t joined yet).

How do I add other parents’ emails to the team list?  Additional parents register themselves, here: Once they have done so they need to ask the parent already registered to follow the instructions here: I just did this on the mobile app and it’s really easy.

How do the games get added to our website/the TeamStuff website?  As a Team Manager you need to add the game on TeamStuff.  When you do that, it will automatically synchronise across and  To add a game see the link below How do I add a game to my team?

Want your question answered?  Shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll do my best! And here are some other cool resources to answer your questions:

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