Season Pass.

Register for the Summer 2018/19 Season here.You will need to buy one pass per player.  The discounts are applied once you click on Add to Cart.

Click on    ADD TO CART    x times to add a pass for each player

Each season pass package includes:

  1. Registration fee for 1 child = $200
  2. Registration fee for 2 children = $350
  3. Registration fee for 3 children = $490
  4. Registration for more than 3 children = $490 plus $140 per child thereafter, applied at checkout
  5. Team sheet payment for the season

It doesn’t include:

  1. Court admission fees ($3.00 per player and spectator)
  2. Equipment or clothing (From Summer 17/18 we have a new uniform so please purchase if you haven’t already played from Summer 17/18)