****ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Summer Season 2020/21 Registrations

Registration for Summer 2020/21 will be different than previous seasons. Please read through the information below carefully in order to complete your registration.

There are 3 options below that youll use to either register or request a refund. Information regarding the season including increases to fees is provided below for further clarity.

OPTION 1 Renewing Registrations

For those of you who’ve already registered via PlayHQ and paid $210 for the Winter 2020 Season and would like to roll that into the Summer 2020/21 season, you will need to pay $52 with your Summer registration. You will need to register at PlayHQ for the Summer season, Please CLICK HERE


OPTION 2 New Registrations for Summer 2020/21

You will need to pay the $52 for Summer registration as well as choosing the “product” option for $210 to bring you up to the full amount needed for the extended Summer season.There will be 25 games instead of the usual 16-18, hence the increased fees.
For all NEW registrations please CLICK HERE


OPTION 3 Refund Requests

For those of you who have registered for Winter 20 season via PlayHQ but no longer wish to continue and require a refund, CLICK HERE If you have already emailed requesting a refund based on the survey sent around last week, you do not need to do this again. We are waiting on information from PlayHQ as to how they would like to handle this from their end and will let you know as soon as we have more details.

Please note that the $25 Basketball Victoria Annual Individual Player License (player insurance) is not part of our scope to refund, and as it covers a 12 month period, it will still cover the future Winter 21 season, should your child be available to play at that time.


FOR ALL PLAYERS –  Door Fees (explained in more detail under Fees)
When you complete your player registration, you can choose under the “product” options, to pay upfront for 1 player ($150) or 2+ players ($300) – Pay this for one player ONLY and disregard the option for other sibling’s registrations. Dunkers recognises that families with more than 2 players are penalised by the new system and has committed for this extended Summer season to cap the door entry component at $300 per family and the Club will contribute any additional fees needed.

Renewing Registrations explained

  • Most of the steps outlined below under New Registrations will still apply, however you need to use your PlayHQ log in from last time rather than creating a new one. *everyone will need to register for this new Summer season. The costs, however, will be different for those who registered previously for Winter 2020.
  • Your Annual Player Individual License will be still active, so you will not see that as a part of your registration for Summer season.
  • The $52 registration fee for Summer, together with what you have already paid for Winter, will cover all of the costs for the new season. DO NOT choose the “product” option for $210 if you have already paid for Winter and are rolling that into Summer.
  • Door fees can be paid with registration or an installment plan set up on the Dunkers website. Please email us at [email protected] to set up an instalment plan.

New Registrations explained

Register for Summer 2020/21

STEP 1 – Click the button below to take you to Basketball Victoria’s new platform and Sign Up called PlayHQ.  Here you will create a login. You only need to do this once.  Please note that this is a different site to any we have used previously, so you WILL need to register.

STEP 2 – Basketball Victoria will send you a verification code by email – use this to validate the Sign Up.

STEP 3 – Close the PlayHQ website and press the button below “Register for Winter 2020” to take you straight to the Dunkers part of the PlayHQ website (it saves you trying to find it). Then press “Get Started”.

STEP 4 – For each additional child – You will need to complete the registration form for each child separately, using the link above to take you to the Dunkers registration form each time.  Unfortunately it will not pre-populate the fields for you so you will need to repeat the process for each child.

STEP 5 – Make payment

  •            – At the payment page you’ll notice a breakdown of costs that make up your registration
  •            – $25 to Basketball Victoria for each player. This cost is an annual fee so it’s effectively $12.50 each season.
  •            – Dunkers registration fee is $210 (with discounts of 20% for each additional player)
  •            – Please read the Registration Fees info below to find out more

We know this is different and ….we’re praying it will be good 🙂  If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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