Registration for Summer 2020/21 will be different than previous seasons. Please read through the information below carefully in order to complete your registration.

There are 3 options below that youll use to either register or request a refund. Information regarding the season including increases to fees is provided below for further clarity.


OPTION 1 Renewing Registrations

For those of you who’ve already registered via PlayHQ and paid $210 for the Winter 2020 Season and would like to roll that into the Summer 2020/21 season, you will need to pay $52 with your Summer registration. You will need to register at PlayHQ for the Summer season, Please CLICK HERE


OPTION 2 New Registrations for Summer 2020/21

You will need to pay the $52 for Summer registration as well as choosing the “product” option for $210 to bring you up to the full amount needed for the extended Summer season.There will be 25 games instead of the usual 16-18, hence the increased fees.
For all NEW registrations please CLICK HERE


OPTION 3 Refund Requests

For those of you who have registered for Winter 20 season via PlayHQ but no longer wish to continue and require a refund, CLICK HERE If you have already emailed requesting a refund based on the survey sent around last week, you do not need to do this again. We are waiting on information from PlayHQ as to how they would like to handle this from their end and will let you know as soon as we have more details.

Please note that the $25 Basketball Victoria Annual Individual Player License (player insurance) is not part of our scope to refund, and as it covers a 12 month period, it will still cover the future Winter 21 season, should your child be available to play at that time.


FOR ALL PLAYERS –  Door Fees (explained in more detail under Fees)
When you complete your player registration, you can choose under the “product” options, to pay upfront for 1 player ($150) or 2+ players ($300) – Pay this for one player ONLY and disregard the option for other sibling’s registrations. Dunkers recognises that families with more than 2 players are penalised by the new system and has committed for this extended Summer season to cap the door entry component at $300 per family and the Club will contribute any additional fees needed.

Returning Players Registrations

  • Most of the steps outlined below under New Registrations will still apply, however you need to use your PlayHQ log in from last time rather than creating a new one. *everyone will need to register for this new Summer season. The costs, however, will be different for those who registered previously for Winter 2020.
  • Your Annual Player Individual License will be still active, so you will not see that as a part of your registration for Summer season.
  • The $52 registration fee for Summer, together with what you have already paid for Winter, will cover all of the costs for the new season. DO NOT choose the “product” option for $210 if you have already paid for Winter and are rolling that into Summer.
  • Door fees can be paid with registration or an installment plan set up on the Dunkers website. Please email us at [email protected] to set up an instalment plan.

New Registrations

Register for Summer 2020/21

STEP 1 – Click HERE to take you to Basketball Victoria’s new platform and Sign Up called PlayHQ.  Here you will create a login. You only need to do this once.  Please note that this is a different site to any we have used previously, so you WILL need to register.

STEP 2 – Basketball Victoria will send you a verification code by email – use this to validate the Sign Up.

STEP 3 – Close the PlayHQ website and press the button below “Register for Winter 2020” to take you straight to the Dunkers part of the PlayHQ website (it saves you trying to find it). Then press “Get Started”.

STEP 4 – For each additional child – You will need to complete the registration form for each child separately, using the link above to take you to the Dunkers registration form each time.  Unfortunately it will not pre-populate the fields for you so you will need to repeat the process for each child.

STEP 5 – Make payment

  •            – At the payment page you’ll notice a breakdown of costs that make up your registration
  •            – $25 to Basketball Victoria for each player. This cost is an annual fee so it’s effectively $12.50 each season.
  •            – Dunkers registration fee is $210 (with discounts of 20% for each additional player)
  •            – Please read the Registration Fees info below to find out more

We know this is different and ….we’re praying it will be good 🙂  If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Purchase Uniforms?

Click the link below to access our merchandise page

Season Information


Closes Saturday 11 July

Registrations after season start will only be taken if there are available positions in teams.  There may also be insufficient members to make up a team so get in early to avoid disappointment. Please contact [email protected] for more information

Registration Fees

Registration has changed….again!

In conjunction with Basketball Victoria’s changes in the way each player registers at the new PlayHQ website, Nunawading Basketball have made some changes to compensate for the loss of the Winter Season and to comply with the current COVID19 measures.

  • Increase in the number of games – now 25 + finals
  • Inclusion of the $3 door entry fee into weekly Team sheet payments

Registration Fees –

New Summer 2020/21 Registrations $262

Winter Roll 2020 Over Registrations $52

For those who have already paid $210 for registration and the 16 games for the Winter 2020 season (these funds are preserved and can be rolled over into the Summer season), we need to let you know that 9 additional games will mean an extra contribution of $52 per player towards team sheets. In recognition of this unexpected extra cost, the Dunkers club will cover the team sheet costs of the teams playing in the 2 weeks of finals.

When registering through PlayHQ everyone will be asked to pay the $52 as part of the Club fee. For those of you who are registering for the first time this year youll need to select to pay an additional $210 season fee on the Product page.


Door Entry fee –

MEBA have decided to remove the cash handling of the $3 individual door entry fee and have instead added a fee for 1 player plus one adult/spectator into the new team sheet fees that are payable each week. Dunkers has for the last few seasons included team sheet fees as a component of the overall registration fees, which previously has been distributed to team managers to pay on behalf of the team each week. This function will also be moved to an online system to eliminate cash handling.

As the Summer season has an additional 9 games (total of 25) you will now be paying an additional $150 per player for door entry fees. This in addition to the increase in team sheet fees mentioned previously.

To standardise the amount paid by each team, MEBA are asking for each player plus one spectator (so 2x entry fees of $3 each) to be paid per player with the team sheet. We anticipate the Club will make these payments online, but details are still to be provided to us by MEBA.

We indicated that we would set up an installment plan for any families wishing to spread this cost over the season, and this will be available through the Dunkers website. If you would like to make use of this, please select the “product” option of $0 door fees so we know that you are intending to set this up. Please note it will need to be completed at by the end of Sat 11 July when registration closes.

Season Dates

Players need to play 9 games to be eligible to play finals
Grading games are included in the total
AUGUST……..…. 8, 15, 22, 29
SEPTEMBER……5, 12, 19
OCTOBER……… 10, 17, 24, 31 (Melbourne Cup weekend)
NOVEMBER …… 7, 14, 21, 28
DECEMBER …… 5, 12, 19
JANUARY ……… 30
FEBRUARY ….… 6, 13, 20, 27
MARCH ……….… 6 (Labour Day weekend), 13





Basketball Victoria Update

Basketball Victoria (BV) introduced new technology at the start of 2020 to help clubs streamline the way players register. It will look a little different to the way we’ve done it in the past but we believe that in the long term it will be a better experience for all.

Noticeable differences

  • Basketball Victoria Annual Participant Licence fee – $25
  • Association Player Registration Fee – $0 (we pay Nunawading Basketball Association separately for this – which is included in your Club Registration Fee)
  • Club Player Registration Fee – $262 ($52 Club fee + $110 Rego fee on PlayHQ product page)

The BV fee has always been paid before but through Nunawading Basketball Assoc. It covers insurance for every player, scoring platform for venues, training and courses etc. Click here for more information.  As such, Nunawading have lowered their fees for our team registration to balance out the total cost paid. There’s approx. an $8 increase to the individual with this new fee structure.

Age group cut offs for each season are based on your child’s age at 30 June (for Winter) or 31 December (for Summer).

Age limits for competition:
  1. Summer Season – Under the age of the prescribed competition (8,10,12,14,16,18 and 23) on the 30th June in the year in which the season commences.
  2. Winter Season – Under the age of the prescribed competition (8,10,12,14,16,18 and 23) on the 31st December in the year prior to which the competition commences.
  3. Any player may be called upon by the Registrar, competition committee or Grade Secretary to supply  proof of age. This proof of age must be provided within seven (7) days of the initial request.
  4. The prescribed age deadlines will be strictly adhered to

For more on the rules please visit
Junior Domestic Competition – nunawading basketball


MEBA have allowed for players to register for this Summer season using the Winter season’s age guidelines so that clubs can use the already planned Winter 2020 season’s registered teams. For reference, the Winter cutoffs are “under the age of the prescribed competition (8,10,12,14,16,18 and 23) on the 31st December in the year prior to which the competition commences”.


As we had not yet announced the teams for the cancelled Winter season, this may not seem like a change to an individual player, but as a Club it will give us a bit more flexibility as we determine who wants to continue playing and how we shape teams from that group of players. It will be complicated and we will do our best!





Remember this is a game with kids – please respect the players, referees, volunteers and other parents.  All parents are expected to help out with scoring as this is a shared reponsibility – the Team Manager will allocate the dates and it’s up to the parents to organise replacements if they are unable to help on their allocated day.  Don’t know how to score?  Please sit with another experienced parent before your allocated day and I’m sure they’ll be happy to explain the process.  It can be quite daunting the first time you score, but it gets easier, we promise!

We request that scorers stay until the scores are confirmed by the referee to ensure any discrepancies can be remedied with both scorers and the referee still present and memories are fresh.



R - (Ringwood) Maroondah Indoor Sports Centre

Canterbury Road, Ringwood (Opposite Cadbury’s)
Melways Ref. 63 E1 Map

N - Nunawading Stadium

Burwood Highway, East Burwood
Melways Ref. 62 C7 Map

O - Oakleigh Recreation Centre

Park Road, Oakleigh
Melways Ref. 69 H6 Map

F - Forest Hill Sec. College

Mahoneys Road, East Burwood
Melways Ref. 62 C5 Map

M - Mullauna Sec. College

Tirana Street, Mitcham
Melways Ref. 48 J6 Map

V - Vermont Primary School

Nurlendi Road, Vermont
Melways Ref. 62 K2 Map

D - Donvale Christian College

Tindals Road, Donvale
Melways Ref. 34 K9 Map

B - Brentwood Secondary College

Cnr Watsons Rd
Melways Ref. 71 D7 Map

K - The Knox School

220 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South Map

SAL - Eva Burrows College

Salvation Army

100 Maidstone Street, Ringwood Map 

WHSC - Wheelers Hill Secondary College

2-28 Raphael Drive, Wheelers Hill Map


To purchase club uniforms and merchandise click here 

Due to the change in uniform to reversible singlets, single sided singlets cannot be passed down or sold second-hand.  Shorts have not changed so you can offer these via the forum.

Please keep in mind that if you secure a second hand singlet you will have to ensure that the number doesn’t conflict with numbers of other players on that team. You will be asked to purchase another top if the singlet number is a duplicate.

During the season Costs


Admission: $3.00 (all venues)
An inter-venue pass for spectators will operate between all venues. Ask for the GEBC stamp on your hand at the venue where you first pay.